John Morris

Robert Morris (-1768) married Margaret Jenkins (-1786) in 1725, Robert Morris’s eldest son also Robert Morris (1743–1793), was a barrister. The second son was John Morris (1745-1819) was knighted in 1806. He also had four daughters, Margaret, Jane, Bridget and Mary. Robert Morris was a Shropshire man with considerable expertise in copper smelting, who was the active partner in the firm which bought the Llangyfelach Copper Works at Landore in 1726.
A quote from Robert Morris’s will reads:- If I die in or near Swansea let me be buried in the Church of St. John (now St. Matthews in High Street) where I buried four of my dear deceased children and to the mercy of my Gracious God I commend my soul. This is my last will and testament written with my own hand and sealed with my seal this twenty first day of February in the year of our lord one thousand and sixty eight. 28th May 1768 Robert Morris duly sworn Power reserved to John Morris. When he died he left his estate to his son John Morris.
            About 1779 the industrialist Sir John Morris of Clasemont acquired a farm covering the area with the object of trying to persuade his colliers and copper workers to build cottages on the land, near their work. Plots sufficiently large for long gardens to grow potatoes were offered on long leases and at a nominal rent.



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